Linux on ThinkPad 750, pleaes help.

Linux on ThinkPad 750, pleaes help.

Post by Rainer Mag » Wed, 01 Jun 1994 00:20:24


        I'm having a bit of trouble installing Linux on an IBM ThinkPad
750.  Here's the situation:

1       I boot with a scsi.gz boot disk.  This get's me to the point
where I can specify the harddrive info.

2       I enter the desired information as in:

ramdisk hd=915,15,49

3       It says it load the ramdisk and eventually prompts me for the
root disk.

4       it comes up saying:

RAMDISK: 1474560. . .
floppy I/O error
dev 021C, sector 2
RAMDISK:  I/O error while looking for super block!
VFS:  Insert root floppy and press ENTER

P.S.  It has 486DX 33, 20Mb RAM and 318Mb harddrive if that makes a
difference at this point.

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Hello all,

I am getting ready to install on an old Thinkpad 750 (just to play
around). I know there are a bunch of configuration issues, and
apparently they are documented at the site (from LDP
and other places).

But the site has been down for a couple days now, as I am unable to
get the document tp-linux.html from the site, or even get ANYTHING
from the site.

Does anyone have this document (tp-linux.html) they can forward to
me?? Many thanks in advance...


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