Odd color problem on Permedia 2 graphics card

Odd color problem on Permedia 2 graphics card

Post by Peter J. Stewar » Mon, 22 Jul 2002 02:07:10

I have a very occasional problem with my Linux system that I was curious
if anyone on the group has seen before. I already did a search of the
Xfree86.org archives and only turned up one item that was similar, but
no one had responded to it with a possible explanation or fix.

First, the system:
   Dell Precision 410 workstation
   Pentium II 450 Mhz
   256M RAM
   All-SCSI system (Seagate 10G HD + NEC CD ROM + Iomega 250M Zip, with
two Adaptec controllers, AIC-7890/1 and AIC-7880)
   XFree 4.0.3 on a Diamond Permedia 2 graphics card, using the 3DLabs
GLINT  accelerated driver
   Redhat 7.1

Now the problem:

99.99% of the time, the system works flawlessly. On rare occassions with
no reproducibility, when I exit GNOME and the graphical login prompt
comes up, the colors and resolution go all weird. I get this sickly
green-on-orange or something equally outrageous, and the text is almost
illegible. This persists even into a text console (via control-alt-F1).
The only thing that seems to fix it is a reboot.

I'll often go months at a time without this happening. I once had the
machine up 220 days straight with no incident. I rebooted for an
unrelated reason, and then it happened two weeks later. It ALWAYS
happens on the switch to the login screen, never when I'm actually
logged into the machine. There are no obvious errors in the gdm log or

Anyone see this problem? I had this with Redhad 6.2 and the XFree 3.X
series as well on the same machine.



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I have a user who wants to produce fancy graphics for his experimental data.
He would like to use Unix and X windows to do this as he wants the advantages
of the multiuser OS.  I was thinking Linux (the price is right) or maybe
BSDi, or any Unix really (all options being considered).

The difficult thing being, he wants a graphics card and driver than will do
24-bit graphics and give him 64k colours.  He wants more than 256 colours
that the drivers with Xfree already provides.

I would like some advice from any knowledgeable people out there who know
of any such driver/card combination for X11.




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