"never logged in." and "hostname login:"

"never logged in." and "hostname login:"

Post by System Administrat » Sat, 04 Sep 1993 07:13:27

I thank everyone who emailed me/responded to my post asking for how to fix
these two problems. Here's my summary:

For eliminating "Never logged in." messages when you finger someone, this
problem was solved (on an MCC-installed system) by:
touch /usr/adm/lastlog
chmod 644 /usr/adm/lastlog

and from then on it worked correctly.

For elminiating the 'hostname login:' I received various suggestions from
modifying gettydefs, gettytab, inittab, telnetd, in.telnetd, login and
getty. I copied the /bin/login from an SLS -installed machine and that
worked like a charm.

- liem


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