Terminal Settings

Terminal Settings

Post by Nathan T. Wi » Tue, 18 Oct 1994 03:37:56

Hi There...

I have noticed I have a lot more termcap files...  I am curretly using
con80x25 (the default I assume).  Is it possible or desirable to operate
in a different mode???  I use my DOS machine at the office in 80x28 and I
like it.  Hmmm...  Please let me know how to change it...


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When I downloaded bitkeeper, it installed a stripped-down (no clue whether
it was the most recent) version of cygwin on top of the version I had
already installed.

Since, I get the following error when loading tcsh:

<<tcsh: No entry for terminal type "cygwin"

tcsh: using dumb terminal settings.>>

or lynx no longer runs and says:

<<Error opening terminal: cygwin.>>

Re-installing cygwin's tcsh wouldn't fix it.

Any hints?

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