(Q) X11 for ATI Grap Pro Turbo Mach64 ???

(Q) X11 for ATI Grap Pro Turbo Mach64 ???

Post by The Renaissance M » Sat, 30 Apr 1994 10:33:54

] Whant to get one of those new Pentium 90 system with ATI Graphic
] Pro Turbo Mach64.  Primary purpose is to have Linux with X11R5 on
] a 1280x1024 system.  Does anybody knows if that graphic board is supported?

You don't need a Pentium space-heater or a Mach64 to do that.  I run
1280x1024 very happily on my GUPro on a 486DX/33 EISA machine.  (Matter
of fact, I usually run it at 1440x1198.)

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