Anyone successful with Diamond StealthPro and XFree

Anyone successful with Diamond StealthPro and XFree

Post by Ed Bee » Thu, 24 Mar 1994 15:11:03

I know this isn't a good choice for Linux because of
Diamond polices but since I have it, I'd like it to

If anyone has gotten a Diamond StealthPro w 2Meg to run at
high resolution, I'd like to know which program you are
using for clockprog and what your Xconfig file looks like.

Thanks in advance



1. xfree 3.2.2 and i740 card, anyone successful?

:    i just got a new i740 card from cardex to pull me through until
: the tnt, has anyone been succesful at configuring xfree332.  Since
: the SVGA server does not directly support it I've only been able to
: get X to run in VGA mode.

Nope. It'll only go up to 640x480 in 16 colours. The reason: Intel
will only release the docs under a non-disclosure agreement, which
precludes a source code release (and hence support under XFree.
Somebody _might_ write a binary-only driver using XFree as a base,
though, but don't hold your breath.)

Contact Metro-X or Xi for a server; they're both working on support.

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