LMS CD-ROM - CM205 + Linux 1.1.59

LMS CD-ROM - CM205 + Linux 1.1.59

Post by Bill Yo » Thu, 12 Jan 1995 01:45:16

I just grabed the LMS ALPHA patch, but it is for kernel 99pl14...

Was gonna take a crack at including it in my kernel but figured I'd
check if anyone else has done this.



William York


1. Sanyo IDE CD-Rom drive on Linux 1.1.59

I wonder if the above will work.

Here is my system.  A Micron Powerstation 100, 16MB Ram, 1.2 Gig EIDE, Sanyo CD-ROM, Diamond Stealth 64 Video 2MB Dram PCI
card and a Mag Innovision DX15F monitor.

I got my harddrive partitioned, half Win95, half Linux and use Lilo to boot.  My Linux Kernel is 1.1.59 .

I had to copy the installation files to my harddrive since Linux would not identify my CD-ROM.  Can anyone tell me how I can
mount this CD-ROM?



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