Install Prob using Adaptec Total CD Kit (AVA 1505)

Install Prob using Adaptec Total CD Kit (AVA 1505)

Post by Steve Heck » Sat, 17 Sep 1994 12:31:04

I purchased the Plug and Play Linux CDROM and can't get it to recog-
nize a Toshiba 3401 CDROM drive connected to an Adaptec 1505 SCSI II
controller.  OS/2 and Windows sees the Adaptec as an Adaptec
1520/1522/1510, and handles it just fine.  Linux, however, locks up
after reporting that it sees a Sony.  I've tried entering various
commands at the boot line (i.e. Boot: linux aha240x (or whatever)

The IRQ is 11, and it is device #7.  Help, please.


1. Adaptec AVA-1505 CD-ROM SCSI Kit Supported?

I just order the latest Linux [March] distribution from InfoMagic on
CD-ROM and I'm not sure it will support my Chinon 535 SCSI CD-ROM with
the Adaptec AVA-1505 TOTAL CD KIT (AIC 6260 and 6360 family adapter).

Does anybody have any experience using Linux with the above SCSI adaptor?.

Thank you in advance,

Jorge Padron


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