Networking with Ethernet & SLIP

Networking with Ethernet & SLIP

Post by John Ellio » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 04:46:49

OK, so I've got Linux up and running on one PC.
I've got W4Workgroups up on another PC runing MS TCP/IP.
I've got both hooked up via Ethernet.

Now, I want to hook up both PCs to a dial-up SLIP on the Linux box.

First, I've been able to access both PCs  from either end.

And, I've been able to dial in from the Linux box and access the SLIP account.
(Disabling my ethernet stuff in rc.inet1)

BUT...........When I try to do both I run into problems.   Anyone know how to
configure the routing tables (which I think is the problem).  

Anyone tried to hook up this type of network?

I'm using a DIP script to gain access to the SLIP account. Everything goes
great , but then, i get an error right at the end of the script.  Seems like
when DIP tries to add the routing entry thats when it chokes. The ifconfig
reports the S10 link up, but its not in the routing tables when you type ROUTE.

Any help would be much appreciated....


1. Trouble w/SLIP && Ethernet

I can't seem to connect to my friend's computer after he has SLIPed into
our school.  It works fine until he is connected.  I know the problem has
to do with two things, either the nameserver (because if I make that
invalid I can login) or the default routing.

Here's my setup -- there are two Linux machines in my apartment,
connected via an Ethernet coax network.  My computer is a standalone,
while my roommate's has a 14.4 on it.  When I setup the network, I gave
us random IP addresses (prob. not a good idea) and everything works fine.
Then, when he SLIPs to the school I cannot login.

Now, I can temporarily fix this problem by making the nameserver on his
machine invalid (it usually specifies the nameserver at the school).  
Now, this indicates to me that there is just some stupid routing problem,
and when the nameserver is present it says that my IP address is invalid
(it is).  What I want is for my roomates machine to see the ip address of
our net and send those packets out on the net first, not try to send it
out to the SLIP connection first.

Conversely, I don't want to set the default setting in the route table
from the SLIP connection because that would require explicitly routing
all the possible connections I might want to make, and that would be a pain.


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