Help, can't install X-series disks [Slackware]

Help, can't install X-series disks [Slackware]

Post by Stormy Henders » Wed, 16 Feb 1994 23:37:00


I am a Linux newbie, so perhaps my suggestion will be a little naive, but

When the setup script prompts you for the disks to install, are you entering
"x" or "x1-x5"  From the wording of your posting, I wasn't sure if which one
you had entered, if the latter, try the former and see if it works.

Good luck, and I hope someone will post a better answer than I.

Be happy....

- Stormy


1. Help installing "d" disk series for Slackware

Dear group,

I just installed Slackware with all the basic utilities and I now want
to install the "d" development tools disk.  As you know, it has make,
perl, compilers, etc.

I am in this catch-22 after much reading and surfing:

I downloaded the "d" disk files to my HD.
I cannot seem to install anything because I don't have "make" or any
"compilers".  My question is, how do I install "make" and a C compiler
without having "make" and a C compiler.  I read ALL the INSTALLs and
READMEs.  Please help. Do I need to get a precompiled binary of a
compiler to do the install ??
Please don't flame me, I'm new at this and I don't go running to
newsgroups unless I've done my own research !
thanks in advance,

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