minicom or any comm. package

minicom or any comm. package

Post by clint dav » Sun, 20 Nov 1994 13:00:18

The Serial HOWTO says that there should be NO getty to run comm programs
( ie minicom). Is this true?  I am attempting to get my Linux to dial
out and stuck at point of modem not dialing.  On my I386 systems, you
had to have a getty going to dial out.  I used uugetty.


Clint Davis


1. VT102 with minicom or other comm program

I frequently log into my university's system.  The problem is they use
VT102 terminal emulation, which minicom does not have(?).  I use VT100,
but have problems with the delete key.  What's my fix?  Is there another
linux communication application that will use VT102, or am I stuck?
Thanks for any help.

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