Majordomo & Yggdrasil distrib.

Majordomo & Yggdrasil distrib.

Post by Emilio Grimal » Thu, 24 Nov 1994 00:58:12

Hello fellows,
             I am having a problem with Majordomo on the Yggdrasil Fall '94
distribution so if any of you know the answers to my questions I would
appreciate if you let me know.

First, by looking at the manual pages and the documents that come on
the CDROM I noticed a disagreement that is very confusing (same happened
with ELM and SMAIL). On one part it says the list software is to be
located in /usr/local/mail (subdirectories lists and majordomo), and
in some places it makes reference to /usr/lib/majordomo. (I am not at
my PC now so I MAY have missed a directory in the path or /usr/local/)

The /usr/local/mail directory did not exist so I created it and its
subdirectories and list files as indicated in the documentation of
Majordomo., so in the end the perl scripts and some executables are
stored in /usr/local/mail/majordomo/ .  Later I discovered that these
scripts and execs are already (from the installation script I guess)
in /usr/lib/majordomo !!!! so which is which?

I created (based on the sample) the /etc/ file.

The documentation mentions that there must be an aliases file in
/etc/aliases.... There was no such file! however I did find a file
called /usr/lib/aliases (I think it was there) which had a few lines
of aliases. I appended the lists aliases to this file, but I still
don't know what directories these thing is going to use.

Can anybody shed some light on this?

With that setup I sent a subscribe message to the list I defined, the

and user name) and got nothing back after some seconds of disk

When I sent a subscribe message as grimaldo (and grimaldo is also the
owner of the list), user grimaldo (me) only got (after a lot of disk
activity) a message from majordomo asking for approval of the user
(wasn't that supposed to be an open list?), so I sent the approval

(listname is my list;s name) and after some disk activity NOTHING
happened, all the requests seem to go to /dev/null !!! originally
/dev/null was the shell specified in the /etc/passwd entry for
majordomo, I changed it to the majordomo script.

Also when I subscribed as user root, the owner of the list got
no approval request, root got nothing back either...

Anyway, no matter what I do nothing seems to happen to my commands.
Am I missing something?

Please reply to my acct.
                Thanks in advance,
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Majordomo & Yggdrasil distrib.

Post by Frank Tegtmey » Fri, 25 Nov 1994 03:35:57

> (listname is my list;s name) and after some disk activity NOTHING
> happened, all the requests seem to go to /dev/null !!! originally
> /dev/null was the shell specified in the /etc/passwd entry for

First: check the path of your perl interpreter. Majordomo expects it
in /usr/local/bin . You can make a link of taintperl and perl to
that location or change the scripts.

Second: smail does not like continuation lines as in the examples
of Majordomo. Use long lines instead and this should fix the problem.

If all goes wrong test majordomo manually by typing

cat | /usr/????/majordomo/wrapper majordomo

And type in a simple Mail like

From: sample_user
To: majordomo


Then you can see any errors printed by the Perl-Interpreter (if there are



1. yggdrasil plug&play && NEC 3xi && ultrastor

        Howdy Folks!

        I really like the idea of plug & play linux from my cdrom.  (At least until
I can budget a dedicated hard drive.)  However, I've had some rotten luck and from
the other posts, I see that I'm not alone.  Specifically, I'm having trouble convincing
the kernel to talk to the cdrom drive.  From the back jacket the of yggdrasil package,
any SCSI cdrom w/ any supported controller will work?  Apparently not so.

        As I understand it, the NEC 3Xi supports both SCSI-1 and SCSI-2 commands and
I've tried jumpering the drive for both.  Nope.  The controller is an ultrastor 14F
and I KNOW that this controller works 'cause I used the same board last year with a
WREN 4 SCSI hard drive. (linux ran fine w/ this board)  Just to be sure, though, I
tore apart my machine, reduced it to a minimal configuration, and hung the cdrom off
my Sound Blaster 16-bit SCSI-2 connector.  Both configurations work fine off of DOS
but generate error messages under linux.  In fact, the error messages seem to suggest
that the cdrom is viewed as an Sony IDE of some type.  ?

        To add insult to injury, I attempted to use those fancy DOS call-backs by
booting a vanilla dos then launching "runlinux.bat".  Nope.  I get roughly the same
error messages when the kernel attempts to talk to the cdrom.  (not quite the same
messages, but close)  Note that I'm using a vanilla DR-DOS v6.0 without emm386.
I'm about to give up but I'd certainly entertain suggestions at this point.

                                        Thanks ahead of time,

                                                Jens Farmer

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