LILO & partitions starting AFTER cyl 1024?

LILO & partitions starting AFTER cyl 1024?

Post by Jered J Flo » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 01:03:07

I have a BusLogic 946C with the "DOS space >1GB enabled", but I can't get
LILO to work right! My partition table looks somewhat like this:

DOS    Cyl 1     -> Cyl 1024
Linux  Cyl 1025  -> Cyl 1654

When LILO boots, it says "LI", and hangs.


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I installed a vanilla installation of linux (2.0.13) on my older 486 w/
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cylinders. The bios is old and does not support LBA translation. Well,
to make a long story short, when I boot up the computer, it will hang
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