Network card configuration problems.

Network card configuration problems.

Post by Jason As » Mon, 26 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I've just started using Linux (Redhat 5.2 I think), and cannot get my
network card to function.  It uses the Realtek chipset (I've set it as
NE2000 compatible), and is an ISA card.  The parameters for the card are
correct (I/O address, IRQ), as they are the same as what both Win95 and
WinNT say (triple boot mahine!).  Here's where it gets sticky.  The
ethernet card connects to a cable modem.  The machine gets its' IP
through DHCP.  I've tried setting through netconf the hostname to the

talk to their servers to resolve addresses to IPs.  I've tried setting

talk.  I've pinged the loopback address (, and it works fine,
so TCP/IP is functioning.  It looks like my net card settings are fried
somewhere.  During the install of Linux, it probed the card and got the
address, so I think that's OK.  Any suggestions?

Also, I've got a problem with x-windows.  My video card isn't seen by
probe, and when I try to configure x to use the svga server, it defaults
to vga, and I can't get enough on screen to use x.  I've got a PCI
Real3D Starfighter w/8Mb.  I recieved one reply to a previous post which
suggested using the svga server, which I've tried with no luck.  Can't
even switch resolutions (CTRL, ALT, + right?).

Any help is welcome....
Jason A.


1. Network Card Configuration Problem

I have RedHat 6, and during the installation I didn't do the LAN
configuration, but now that I've learned a bit of Linux, I do want to
use my 3com Etherlink XL 3c900 Combo card. The problem is whenever I try
to run ifconfig with eth0 (I have been told that this should be my
ethernet card) it errors out saying that there is no such device, and
indeed there IS no such device in /dev. I have created an interface
named eth0 using netcfg. What I am trying to do is configure my network
card, so I can use another computer as a proxy server. I already have
the proxy stuff configured, because I can do it in windows. So, does
Linux even know I have a network card? If not, how can I "let it know"?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Chris Oldenburg

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