HELP!!! Lilo won't boot dos

HELP!!! Lilo won't boot dos

Post by Gary E Ter » Sun, 07 Aug 1994 13:37:44

I started out tonight by doing a full backup of my DOS drives, then ran
DOS fdisk to delete all of the partitions. Then I installed the Slakware
distribution. Then back to DOS to recreate the DOS partitions.

All went well until I tried to get LILO to boot the DOS partition. Linux
fdisk reports it as HDA3 so that is what I use in the LILO config. But
it still won't load DOS. Any suggestions?

If ya have been through this problem before and can help please e-mail


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I just upgraded my kernel to v1.0 from 0.99.14.

Did the usual make config,
Did the usual make config,
              make dep
              make clean

I followed the v1.0 kernel installation instructions and now I cannot load
DOS when I turn on my computer.  I do not know what all the commands do
(pretty dangerous :)) but when I rdev it says => /dev/hda2.

 /dev/hda1 = DOS partition
 /dev/hda2 = Linux fs
 /dev/hda2 = Linux fs
 /dev/hda2 = linux swap.

I cannot seem to change the filesystem back to dos, even when I boot dos
from my a: drive and use fdisk.  I really do not want to dump the Linux fs
and start from scratch.

I have all the HOW documents but maybe I have missed the right one.
Can anybody tell me what's up?

Robert Newton

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