X11R5 freezing w/ 99pl13...help

X11R5 freezing w/ 99pl13...help

Post by William J Ada » Tue, 15 Feb 1994 07:05:54

I have a 486 dx33 with 16 meg of mem (9 chip simms, I already found out
about the problems w/ 3 chip ones), 170 Meg hard w/ a 10 meg swap
partition, vesa card w/ cirrus (cl gd5426 chipset).  I'm running on
kernel .99 pl13, and X11R5.  Also all the crashes are taking place while
I'm using Xview 3.2 Release 5.
Ok with the preliminaries out of the way, every now and again (once a
week or less) after I've been running under X11 for a little while, I
use my mouse to do something (magnify an area under xdvi, or just move a
window around) and the system just STOPS, nothing else, no mouse
control, everything is dead (no keyboard input,nothing). By the way I
have a kraft mouse (serial) and am using the mouseman driver with the
chordmiddle option (in case that has any bearing).

Also I have the cheap vesa ide controller for my hard drive, again in
case that has any relevence.  

If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it.  My e-mail address is

                                Bill D. Cat


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I have X11R5 on Linux 0.99pl13. Some time ago I heard about PEX for
Linux, so I try to find out, whether it works on my machine.
There are several PEXlib-Files, but typing in "xdpyinfo | grep X3D-PEX".
implies no responds.
So I guess, that the PEX-lib extension for the XServer is missing.
Does Anybody know, how to get PEX working?


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