printer and quota questions

printer and quota questions

Post by Yung Ka Si » Tue, 28 Feb 1995 05:31:36

i am a newbie in linux. I have just install linux for 2 months.
It work fine but i still can use the quota yet.
i am using slackware 1.1.59 and i have add usrquota in fstab
and the quotacheck is work fine but once i use the quotaon is have
//quota.user on /dev/hda3 : invalid

also i have buy a new printer HP500c, with i use it in linux.
It cant print the text in format, sometime even not print.
btw i am using command lpr
i think it is related with the printcap but i dont how to change it
that has no information about deskjet.
so please help me.
think you.

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