Yggdrasil fall-1994......HELP.... Yggdrasil fall 1994..... help in installation.....

Yggdrasil fall-1994......HELP.... Yggdrasil fall 1994..... help in installation.....

Post by Dien Nguyen (640-22 » Fri, 16 Dec 1994 18:01:05


I have a "weird" problem in installing the fall 1994 cdrom
distribution of the plug-n-play.

Every seem to be OK until I reboot the machine, LILO boot
and I see the following:
Loading Linux......
Uncompressing image......

-- crc
System halt ...
I tried to install it more that 10 times and the same thing
happen.  Could any one tell me what I did was wrong ?

(BTW: there is some "vmlinux" and "zSystem.map" under
      ftp.yggdrasil.com for fall94 (revA, revB and revC!!!)
      What do I do with those image? and there is no "revA"
      or "revB" on my CD-rom ?)

  Thank you,


1. Yggdrasil Fall 1994 (Summer 1994)

Bright and early I rise from my bed to pursue the American Way (spend
money.)  I arrived at Micro Center to purchase some Thin-net supplies and
perhaps a Linux CDROM (my current CDROM is a bit old and I am about to
network my two computers and so want the latest Linux kernel.)  

($300.00 later - man this store is neat)
What have we here!  A Yggdrasil CDROM.  The spine is marked Summer 1994 but
no matter, the kernel should be relatively new.  The price, $19.95.  I would
later find that the spine was incorrect and the CD was actually the Fall
1994.  Great... I throw the CD in the basket and roll as quickly as possible
to the very long checkout line.  

(back home)
The wife is upset.... I was only supposed to spend $60.00.  Of well, she will
get over it (she always does ;)  )  I rip open the Yggd package and thumb
through the manual (not really... just thought I would impress you guys..)  I
fdisk a few new partitions from OS/2 and then reboot with the Yggd floppy.  
It hangs attempting to mount root...   several times.... I know I have no
conflicts... I *was* successfully running Slackware 2.x (1.59), OS/2, DOS,
Windows whenever beta, etc.  Hmm.... thi IS odd.  I throw the new ether16
card to another IRQ.. works... weird.. No biggie, I will deal with that
later.  Now, I login as INSTALL.  The install begins.  I choose my
partitions, do some formatting and after the root partition is formatted I
find... it will not mount...

(Second try....)

it mounts.  Do I want LILO to rewrite the MBR: NO!  Boot Manager is so much
prettier.  OK.  All installed.  Reboot.  No bootable OS in this partition.  
Wow... how neat.  

I have been using Slackware successfully for almost a year... never had a
problem and yet Yggdrasil's CDROM will not install.  My equipment is pretty
standard: IDE - 2 drives, s3, 16 mb, pretty plain.  All my devices are
supported.  Now, I think I will just give Yggd a call... Hah! Not for $2.95 a
minute.  Maybe if I needed config help... but I can hardly justify spending
that kind of cash for their broken install.  So I think:  I will drop them
some email... How odd.... they mention that they will accept email but fail
to provide an email address.  

Bad business, yes.  I understand support costs are high... Hell, these guys
have *any* support costs, it is all profit at $2.95/min.  How do they support
bugs in their install.... they don't.  

I pull out the Slackware dist.  Install (same config, partitions etc.) It
works, flawlessly...  Imagine that.  A free install distribution and it
works. If I pay, it doesn't.  

Judge for yourself....

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