Wampes on Linux ..... some problems

Wampes on Linux ..... some problems

Post by Giuseppe Marto » Sat, 22 Jan 1994 20:08:36


I've installed wampes in my 486 with slackware Linux 0.99Pl14, and whe I try
to attach the ethernet card wampes cant'do it, so I thik: dont'worry, recompile
the Wampes with the Ethernet support activated in /tcp/src/config.h; I do it but
the linker don't find some funtions. I've a 3c503 (EL2).
If anyone can HELP ME please mail to

Thanks in advance
Beppe Martoni.


1. Wampes on Linux ..... some problems

we have a 486 with a linux it's connected with a TNC an we wont possibly to
use a Wampes for linux. I get it from ucsd.edu but it'dont go !!!
I didn't know how to configure it. My you help me???

Thanks in advance.

Giuseppe Martoni.

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