Danish characters - danish keyboard

Danish characters - danish keyboard

Post by Knud Erik Mey » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 20:13:53


I have some questions and comments about danish characters and danish
keyboard with Slackware 2.0.1 (using loadkeys dk-lat1.map):

1. I noticed that the dk-lat1.map has the signs (cent) og (yen)
   bound to the keys ? (oslash) and ?,(Ooblique), respectively. I
   corrected this by editing the dk-lat1.map file. However, while the
   character ? is displayed correct using X, it is displayed incorrect
   using virtual consoles.

2. Using X, I am not able to produce the tilde sign ~ or any other dead
   key signs.  

3. Have anybody made a more consistent dk-lat1.map file?

4. Where can I find a list over all the symbolic keynames?

5. In console terminals or in xterminals (using Xfree86) I am not
   able to type any danish characters in a command line

6. Does there exist any utilities, that enables me to translate
   between DOS-ASCII-files and UNIX-iso-latin1-files in a way that
   also handles the national characters?

Any help to these questions are greatly appreciated. Maybe we need a

/Knud Erik Meyer

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Danish characters - danish keyboard

Post by Andries Brouw » Mon, 07 Nov 1994 23:15:34

: I have some questions and comments about danish characters
: and danish keyboard.

Many of these questions are answered in the keyboard FAQ
(kbd-0.89.tar.gz, file doc/kbd.FAQ).
I also answered a follow-up to this article in c.o.l.admin.


1. Danish characters - danish keyboard

I actually reported the cent/oslash blunder to the maintainer of
the kbd-0.85 package. Now we're at 0.87+. Guess he forgot.
Getting oslash/Ooblique (why name diff??) on the console is
bound to be more tricky, because you have to change the screen
font, because back in the dark(er) ages, IBM defined what later
became code page 457 without an oslash in it, creating a royal
mess for Danish/Norwegian users.
I tried to use the (?name) latin1.fnt that came with slackware
2.0 but it just screwed things up even more, line draw
characters for Danish, etc. Anyway, I rarely use the console for
Danish text (usually in X) so I don't really care.

pick up on the AltGr keys. Time to play around with xev and xmodmap!
(I have a source file for xmodmap input, if you want it)

You and me! It doesn't get any better. Other problems are in
other places.

You can always try running 'strings' on some of the key programs.
For X, there is also an XKeysymDB file somewhere. I don't think
it has the dead keys in it, though. Called something like
Dtilde -- I don't use them, 90% of the time I want them as
single characters anyway, so I just define F12 as Compose.

RTFM for bash (look for things to put in the INPUTRC file)!

Yep. There's a GNU utility, but I forgot what it's called...
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  c/ /'  --- Dept. of Biostatistics
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