PCI/SCSI Problem

PCI/SCSI Problem

Post by t.he.. » Tue, 06 Dec 1994 07:29:30

        My apologies if you have seen this before but I have posted this twice
before but have never seen it in the newsgroup - there appears to be a problem
with our local news server.

        I am having problems booting the Slackware Linux 2.1.0 boot kernel disk.
The ncr53c7,8xx driver detects the NXT-93 SCSI Hosts adapter installed but hangs.
The exact messages follow:


scsi-ncr53c7,8xx : at PCI bus 0, device 13, function 0
scsi-ncr53c7,8xx : NCR53c810 at memory 0xfefffc00, io 0xfc00, irq 11
scsi0 : using io mapped access
scsi0 : using initiator ID 7
scsi0 : using edge triggered interrupts
scsi0 : burst length 8
scsi0 : using 40MHz SCSI clock
scsi0 : m_to_n = 0x90, n_to_m = 0xa0, n_to_n = 0xb0
scsi0 : NCR code relocated to 0x379720
scsi0 : testing
scsi0 : test 1 started
scsi0 : tests complete.
scsi0 : NCR53c(7,8)xx (rel 3)
scsi : 1 hosts.
scsi0 : DANGER : command in running list, can not abort.
scsi0 : DANGER : command in running list, can not abort.
SCSI host 0 abort() timed out - reseting
scsi0 : DANGER : NCR53c7xx_reset is NOP
Unable to reset scsi host 0 - probably a SCSI bus hang.


At this point the system is hung.

        Micronics M54Pi Motherboard
        Phoenix Bios Version 4.04 10/03/94
        Intel Plug and Play Bios Extensions Release 1.21
        Nxt-92/93 SCSI Host adapter with PCI SCSI BIOS Ver 149326
        2 x Micropolis Model 4110 1Gb drives.

Everything seems to work fine under DOS/WINDOWS.
All terminations seem to be correct.
Yes I have read the SCSI HOWTO but I didn't see anything like this.
Yes I have looked at the last 1000 posts to comp.os.linux.help.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.

                                        Tim Hespe
                                        University of NSW Libaray


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