seyon: >> Error: Invalid set keyword `backspaceTranslation'.

seyon: >> Error: Invalid set keyword `backspaceTranslation'.

Post by Siming Zh » Wed, 25 May 1994 11:52:25

Sorry if this message appears twice. I'm not sure if the first one is killed.

When I use seyon to login remote account, I can not use the backspace
key to delete charactors. After read the manpage, I put the following
line in ~.seyon/startup file:
        set backspaceTranslation on
But when seyon initialize the modem, I got the error message as the title
and the backspace key still not work. What is wrong? What can I do?

My startup file is the following:
# almost all things below are commented out. Uncomment anything you want
# or use the resources instead

# see the manual page for a complete listing of the keywords
# that can be used with 'set'.

# set baud 9600
set baud 2400

# can be 5, 6, 7, or 8
set bits 8

# can be 0 (= no parity), 1 (= odd parity), or 2 (= even parity)
set parity 0

# can be 1 or 2
set stopBits 1

# can be nl, cr, or cr/lf
# set newlineTranslation cr

set backspaceTranslation on
# set del on
# set meta_tr on
# set xoff off
# set rtscts on
set autozm on
set idleGuard on

# put the modem initialization string here if you like one.
# most modern modems do not need it since they store their setup in
# non-volatile memory.

# echo "Initializing modem..."
transmit "ATZ^M"


Thank you for your attention.



seyon: >> Error: Invalid set keyword `backspaceTranslation'.

Post by Jim Tom Pol » Tue, 31 May 1994 01:16:38

>When I use seyon to login remote account, I can not use the backspace
>key to delete charactors. After read the manpage, I put the following
>line in ~.seyon/startup file:
>    set backspaceTranslation on

Ok, hey, I've been there...hehe.  First, being as I'm a very new
user of linux and seyon, I discovered that the messages about the
backspacse should bo into the.Xdefaults file not, as I
presumed into the startup file.

It's still pretty different, since when I the backspace on the
system that I am on, I get a forward slash, and then for hitting
the backspace I get the letter/character that I'm backspacing over.

Ya, you have to keep track of how many letters are reverse

God only knows how this message is coming out.  I wish I could figure out
how to have this program work like I'm used to, with a destructive
backspace....good luck, now let's see how well I kept track of
my letters I backspaced...hehe



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