smail/Mail problem in slackware 1.1.0?

smail/Mail problem in slackware 1.1.0?

Post by Steve Wampl » Sun, 26 Dec 1993 00:27:45

For some reason, the Mail program that comes with slackware
requires a blank line in front of all 'From ' lines in the
spool mailbox.  Messages in the box that are not separated
by a  blank line get joined.  however, a lot of mail doesn't
seem to follow that convention.  For example, if I mail
myself three messages without trailing blank lines in the
message body, trying to read them with Mail results in my
seeing a single mail message of the concatenation of the
three original messages.  Tkpostage (for example) sees
three separate messages.

I must have something set up strangely or I'm sure others
would have commented on this problem.  Does anyone know
of a fix?

Thanks for any help!
Steve Wampler

Gemini Project (under AURA)


1. SMAIL problem: Doesn't deliver mail-forward problem.

        I'm having a problem with smail. It's not delivering mail. A look
at msglog shows "(ERR_112) director forward: alias database
/usr/lib/smail/forward: Database not found."

        I'm currently running 1.1.45 slackware, and smail version 3.1.28.
It used to work before, but not now after I've been trying to put myself
on the internet (currently between internet feeds.)

        Is this a common problem, or will I have to provide some more
in-depth information. What is the format of /usr/lib/smail/forward? Can
someone email me their forward file, or can you deactivate it?

        Much thanks to anyone who can help.

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