SUCCESS: Pentium 90MHz, Slackware

SUCCESS: Pentium 90MHz, Slackware

Post by Warwick Allis » Tue, 20 Sep 1994 13:48:07

I just finished installing Linux for my first time.

This is on a MB using the OPTI chipset with Write-Back caching enabled,
and a 90MHz Pentium.

NCR53c810 SCSI, Logitech MouseMan, 8M RAM (16M soon), #9 GXE Pro (only
using VGA16 at the moment).

The only problem I had was with the mouseman.  I needed:

        mouseman "/dev/mouse"      # A symlink to /dev/ttyS0
          BaudRate 1200

Note the **** ChordMiddle ****.  I have seen others post about having a
problem with a 3 button mouse.  Maybe this will help them.

Hint:  only install from floppies if you have no DOS - installing from a
        DOS partition is much easier... you can quickly scrub linux and
        start again if you make a mistake.

Hint:  use xev to see what events you mouse is generating.

(oh, and I'm still booting from floppy - no LILO yet)


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1. Need suggestions on running Linux and X on a 90Mhz Pentium


I'm in a market of buying a Pentium 90Mhz machine and Linux would be
my major application platform. I would have about $5000 to spend...
(Well, it's my boss's money... 8^)).

Below would be my proposed configuration:

Pentium 90Mhz CPU
256K cache
PCI SCSI controller
17" color monitor (1280x1024)
PCI Graphics
Double speed CD ROM drive

My questions would be:

1. What's the best graphics card so that I can run X-Windows (Xfree86?)
   under Linux? I know that Diamond's cards are fast, but they are buggy
   in running X in Linux.

2. What sort of SCSI 2 controller of supported by Linux? I suspect
   those made by Adaptec would be O.K.??? Same question for CD ROM.

3. What would be a reliable vendor? I'm thinking of DELL or Micron.

4. Which distribution of Linux should I get? I'm thinking of buying a
   CD ROM distribution... Downloading tonnes of FD is kind of time-wasting.

5. Is there any problems running Linux under a 90Mhz Pentium?

I would appreciate any opinions or suggestions.


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