no subscribed groups in ''

no subscribed groups in ''

Post by Jeffrey Pasco » Sun, 19 Jun 1994 01:02:39

My news system for some reason is selectively choosing what it wants to make
available to users. For some reason, I keep getting the following error:
no subscribed groups in '' for groups which are properly set-up. I
used the addgroup command and everything. I checked the active list and they
are there, all proper rights, the directory has been created, but for some
reason when the news comes in, it's not tossed and gives the above error
message. Has anybody else experienced this? I am using CNEWS with Linux
Slakcware rev 1.0

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1. change group 0's name from 'root' to 'staff'


I run patches Solaris 2.4 on SUN.

I run login from logdaemon-5.6 package which allows
/etc/login.access file which defines access control for users.

I also run s/key su and I have installed and these allow su
to root only for users in group 0.

I disabled root's logins via net (only from console) but the problem, when
username didn't match 'root' login searched through group file and found
'root' group.

So I disabled network logins for all people in group root, those who can su
to root. That would be 'nice' for security but it is not.

I thought group '0' can have other name (staff) but will that break
anything ?

- if i change group '0' from 'root' to 'staff', scripts and commands using
  setgid (root) and chgrp (root) wouldn't work

- if I add group 0 'staff' after group 'root' I'll have 2 groups with gid 0
  which is not complete correct... and I don't know if the second group will
  be taken with library functions...

Can anybody help ?

 ...and if you think I'm talking for my employer, you're wrong...

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