Adding a entry to the bad block table

Adding a entry to the bad block table

Post by Mark Dign » Fri, 04 Mar 1994 22:28:28

I have a Linux 0.99pl15h system running with a ESDI hard disk, using a DTC
6282 controller.

The hard disk does have a error on it, and every so often it pops up on the
system console:

HD: read_intr: status = 0x59
HD: read_intr: error = 0x80
harddisk I/O error
dev 0302, sector 180

Ok, i can handle a ESDI hard disk having errors, but how do i add it to the
bad track table? I have tried creating a file called 'badblock', with the
single line '180' in it, and feeding that to e2fsck with the command line

e2fsck -b /tmp/badblock /dev/hda1

Thats runs ok, and reports no errors. But then, up pops the error message!




1. How do you add a bad block to e2fs bad block list?

I got a hard disk I/O error and subsequent kernal panic yesterday.
Running e2fsck -c finds a bad block on my 270 meg esdi partition,
it's towared the end of the partition so I've been running a while
before running into it.  I'm using e2fs and e2fsck 0.3.  I followed the
advice of some recent posts to boot from a floppy and run e2fsck -ca on
the unmounted partition and the bad block would be added to the bad
block list.  This does not appear to be happening, the bad block list
that is displayed by e2fsck is not altered and I still get a kernal
panic when the block is encountered by a program.  

Is there a way to manually alter the list or force e2fsck to do it?
I can't backup and then rerun mke2fs and dump everything back on
because tar hangs when it runs into the bad block.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Dave Campbell
Hughes Aircraft

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