What about the adaptec 2742T

What about the adaptec 2742T

Post by David Rapch » Thu, 24 Feb 1994 12:58:00

 i just downloaded all the disks, is it going to work with my 2742T controller
 is the driver out yet?

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1. Adaptec 2742T bootdisk

This is my first post to comp.os.linux.help.  I've been following along
with the updates to the 2742T driver and their subsequent bootdisks,
however, I still can't get anything to work.  The bootdisk with version 3
of the driver would hang when it detected the card and its settings.
The bootdisk with version 4 detects my card, all the settings, but, it
doesn't detect any hard drive devices.  During bootup it says the card's
BIOS is successfully installed, so that's not the problem.

I have a 340Mb Seagate Fast-SCSI harddrive on channel A.  I have a
Toshiba 3401 and a Fujitsu DynaMO 230 on Channel B.  I know channel B
is supposed to be ignored, but I tried unplugging them and it still
didn't work.

Anyway, does anybody have any suggestions?  I haven't been having much
luck making a bootdisk on another machine.  I can compile the kernel,
but my bootdisk attempts don't boot. =)

If someone could send me some friendly step-by-step instructions on
making a slackware bootdisk with a custom kernel, I'd greatly appreciate
it.  I tried following the instructions in the slackware distribution, but
I'm still doing something wrong.  I'm not a UNIX newbie, but I'm not
a kernel-programmer either. 8)

I'd REALLY like to get Linux installed on this machine...


James Gurganus

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