NFS Installation for Slackware

NFS Installation for Slackware

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I need to know the IP Adress of a site to install slackware from via NFS

1. NFS Installation of Slackware 2.1: Help Needed

(My problem is basically the same as a previous post by

ethernet I am "quoting" his words for the most part.)

I attempted an NFS installation of Slackware 2.1 from a local campus machine.  
I chose NFS Install in the setup program, entered the correct network
parameters at the prompts, and received the following output:

Configuring ethernet card...
Configuring your gateway...
Mounting NFS...
(a 2 minute wait)
mount clntudp_create : RPC : Port mapper failure - RPC : Timed out

I then receive a promt to try the installation again.  I have an
Cabletron E2100 ethernet card - the card is correctly identified
at boot time.  

I have edited the /etc/hosts file on my root disk and added my
IP/FQHN as the localhost. I have also set up a /etc/networks file
on my root disk - but I am unsure if I am doing that correctly.
Next I run the portmap program before before running the
Slackware setup program.  

Could someone tell me what (if anything) I need to do before
running the Slackware setup, or direct  me to documentation about
NFS installations?

(PS: My current settings for the card are 0x380, IRQ 5, memory at
0xd000 and Primary Media. I set these, by doing a
ramdisk ether=5,0x380,0xd000,0,eth0

at the boot: LILO prompt for the net book disk.)


Michael Hauben

Michael Hauben Columbia College'95 Editor of Amateur Computerist Newsletter

 <a href="">Netizen's Cyberstop</A>

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