Modem troubles

Modem troubles

Post by Dan Watso » Sat, 06 Apr 2002 23:08:10

Hi there,

Another problem. Every time I want to connect to the internet I have to
install the modem. its fine if I have already installed it in that session
but as soon as I restart, I have to totally install the modem driver,
including the symbolic link to /dev/modem from /dev/ham.Each time I set it
up I:

make clean
make ham
insmod -f hamcore.o
insmod -f ham.o
start registry programme
rm /dev/ham
mknod /dev/ham c 240 1
ln -s /dev/ham /dev/modem
(The script doesn't work with my distro)

After I do this it works fine until I restart. I have a Intel ham 56k modem.
I just need a way of making the symbolic link permanent. I have tried
various things but all to no avail! Is the some config file i need to
change, soneone said something to me about modules.

As you can properly tell, I haven't been in the linux world for long.

Many thanks in advance, Long live linux
Dan Watson


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Recently I purchased a U.S. Robotics 56 K voice/faxmodem and after a
week of labor it still doesn't work under linux. So far I have read the
serial-howto and the ppp-howto and neither have helped me in my pursuit.
Since linux doesn't like plug and play ...I manually jumpered the card
for IRQ 3 and COM 2. I then linked /dev/ttyS1 to /dev/modem but it
doesn't seem to help --linux still doesn't recognize my modem. So far I
have tried dialing out with seyon (I have yet to try minicom). Thank you
for your time and please reply at your convenience.


P.S. If possible please reply to both the group and me. Thanks again.

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