Help: Colorado Jumbo 250 with Controler FC 10

Help: Colorado Jumbo 250 with Controler FC 10

Post by Gregory P. Smi » Mon, 30 May 1994 16:19:34

I posted a question here about this a month or two back and somebody
responded with what sounded like "the FC-10 driver is in beta, get it"
but they never told me how.  Could somebody give me some detailed info
on where to get it or how to find out more about it?  The drive is slow
as it is, I'm not going to move it to my floppy controller!

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1. FTAPE and Colorado FC-10 with JUMBO 250

is there someone who ever used the ftape driver with a Colorado
FC-10  "high speed" controller card  and a JUMBO 250 tape drive ?

Since about one month I try to get it work.
I got the ftape-versions from 0.9x until 2.03 and compiled it more
than once. On the floppy controller the drive works ok, but with
FC-10 it did never.
When I insert the driver module syslog tells me that ftape finds
the FC-10 correctly. All right so far...
But when I try some operation with "mt" it waits to grab the
interrupt and waits and waits...
After the specified timeout it stops of course with "no tape drive
I tried every interrupt from 2 to 7 and DMA channel from 1 to 3.
I configured the card under DOS and changed the ftape Makefile
accordingly. The newest Install-guide(2.03b) tells me that I have
to use IRQ 9 and DMA 3 in the Makefile and to configure the card
with IRQ 2 and DMA 3. But it absolutely made no difference...

Has anyone ever heard of such things ?
Please help, I'm getting mad !

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