How to create /dev/fd0

How to create /dev/fd0

Post by roo » Thu, 02 Feb 1995 19:02:47

I accidentaly deleted my /dev/fd0 and would like
to know how to create a new one.


How to create /dev/fd0

Post by Paul Ba » Sun, 05 Feb 1995 21:03:16

>I accidentaly deleted my /dev/fd0 and would like
>to know how to create a new one.

Try using the /dev/MAKEDEV script. The command would be something like

        /dev/MAKEDEV fd

As root, of course.

Paul Bash


1. How to create /dev/fd0 ?

: I deleted /dev/fd0 by mistake. Can you tell me how to create it ?
: Thank you very much in advance.

: Mi

Try the MAKEDEV script.  Tell it MAKEDEV fd0 and it should create the
device for you.  BTW, the script may or may not already be in your /dev
directory depending on what distribution you installed.  Shouldn't be too
hard to find if it isn't there now.

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Corby Hudnall

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