HP 98752A Monitor -> Xconfig help

HP 98752A Monitor -> Xconfig help

Post by Andreas Ho » Sat, 08 Oct 1994 03:56:40

Dear LINUXer,

        I've got a HP 98752A 20" Monitor and I like to use
        it with an ATI ULTRA Plus, ATI ULTRA pro or a S3
        board and LINUX.

        Is there someone, who has the settings for XCONFIG.

Best regards


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1. HP 98752A monitor timings for XFree86

I recently installed an HP 98752A 20" fixed scan monitor with a Mirage Z-128
(Tseng ET6000 chipset) video card on my system.  I'm running XFree86 3.2.  The
card settings weren't a problem, but I'm having some difficulty getting the
monitor settings just right.  If anyone has any experience with this particular
monitor, or any other helpful advice, I'd appreciate it.  I have the long
tutorial on determining monitor settings for XF86Config (I don't remember its
title just now), which I'm still working my way through.

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