Monitor does wiered things under X

Monitor does wiered things under X

Post by Sergei Naoum » Wed, 29 Jun 1994 03:52:21

Hey guys!
I am struggling with my OAK 077 card for three days already. It's
wiered ... When I installed X awhile ago I didn't have time to
play with Xconfig long enough and set up 1024x768 mode with dot-
clock 45.20 in an interlaced mode -- well, I know it's slow but
I didn't have time to make it nice. Now I have decided to make
things smooth and try 65.40 dot-clock. I played with it and here
is what I have now

   "1024x768" 65.40 1024 1046 1190 1300         768 776 777 798

This configuration gives a right position and the geometry of
the "square" on the screen but ... something is not right in
the horizontal timing because I have FIVE images instead of one.
It looks like there are two addiational images right and left
from the original one, and there are like blurry black strips
going up-down. I can see the picture, though, but it's actually
FIVE of them!

Could someone, please, explain what I did wrong because having
this 65.40 Mhz dot-clock is very nice -- refresh rate is high.
Does that mean that my monitor can not handle 65.40MHz? If
yes, then I'll be very angry because the title for the device
says that it is capable of handling clocks up to 70MHz.

Thank you very much in advance,



+Department of Physics & Astronomy, UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, NC 27599, USA+


1. 101 Things you can do I Linux but not in DOS/Win

I'm talking about those things that make Linux a
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1. You can hold down the shift key and press 'Page up' to
    see 'x' number of screens that has scrolled up out of view.
   'x' is 8 on my system.

2. You can <left alt><F2>, etc, to switch consoles and do
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3. You can kill off a nasty program without resorting to
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4. You can install new programs without rebooting (unlike
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5. You don't have to worry about overwriting a new .dll
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6. There is no device mangler (a Win95/98 thing).  There
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7. You don't have to spend hundrends of $$ on a 2nd party
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8. You can have arbitrary long filenames.

9. Read news while you burn CDRs.

10. No "out of environment" errors

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