Academic Maple for Linux (where)

Academic Maple for Linux (where)

Post by Andrew Velia » Thu, 19 Jan 1995 12:05:11

What is the version that runs under Linux and what is needed to run it.



Academic Maple for Linux (where)

Post by Dr. Jacques Gelin » Fri, 20 Jan 1995 09:23:57

Quote:> What is the version that runs under Linux and what is needed to run it.

It is the full, standard *nix version, with X11 graphics.
You will need 25 megs free on disk and at least 8 megs RAM (to run X11).

It was released last fall, and requires and old directory for X11 to
produce graphics. Read the following two posts (i never  had any problems
with Maple V R3 on Linux myself, and I used it quite a bit).

"So I got the lib/X11/nls/* files from XF86-2.1-lib.tar.gz, put them into
 the appropriate directory, and now Maple works fine once more."

ftp:,, ...

There is a newsgroup, Maple Users Group ([MUG], moderated,


Quote:> Subject: Maple demo -- no graphics!
> Date: 18 Jan 1995 11:39:38 GMT
> Organization: University of Salzburg / Austria

> I tried the Linux demo of Maple (from today and
> it worked very well despite
> the fact that not a single graphics window appeared when running
> through the plots in

Subject: Solution: XFree-3.1 and Maple
Date: 8 Nov 1994 14:35:39 GMT
Organization: Universite des Sciences et Technologie de LILLE, France

for Linux after upgrading to XFree86 3.1: plots would no longer show up under

I was experiencing the same problems after upgrading. I had kept the old
libraries , but removed the configuration files in /usr/X386/lib/X11.
When trying to plot something, there was quite a bit of HD activity
(I only have 8MB RAM), but no plot window would appear. So I ran an strace
on mplotx11 (I think that was the name of the program that does the plots)

and noticed that it tried to open some files in /usr/lib/X11/nls which no
longer exist for X11R6 (they have apparently been replaced by other files
in /usr/lib/X11/locale). After that, the program would die with a
segmentation fault.

So I got the lib/X11/nls/* files from XF86-2.1-lib.tar.gz, put them into
the appropriate directory, and now Maple works fine once more.

I am not sure if these file accesses are in the libraries of XFree86 2.1
(in which case the new compatibility libraries that were announced on
c.o.l.announce recently would probably solve the problem) or in the
statically linked Motif libraries. Maple itself also tried to read the files,
but apparently it is more tolerant than mplotx11.

Hope this helps



Colle`ge Militaire Royal de Saint-Jean,
Que'bec, Canada, J0J 1R0.


1. Academic Linux Opinions?

Greetings, fellow peoples!

I have convinced the Computer Science Department at my undergrad (now
graduate!) school to get their own Unix machine up and running in order to
support classwork and general computer literacy and Internet knowledge amongst
the students.

Hopefully the machine will be serving about 10 different classes and numerous
faculty and students (I'd say no more than 100 or 200, at least for now).

The machine should arrive sometime during July (university funding procedures
to jump through), and it will inevitably be running Linux.

I've perused the FAQs and the like, and I'm not too terribly worried about
actually getting it up and running.  What the FAQs _don't_ cover is overall
satisfaction with the package itself.

I would interested to hear from some other people/sites who are using a Linux
system in a "real-world", Internet-connected, preferrably (but not
necessarily) University environment.

Are you pleased with Linux?  Are there any hurdles or obstacles that you
would warn against?  Would you reccommend Linux for this type of environment?
Would you not?  I'm assuming you would suggest the SLS package, but perhaps
not ... ?

Thanks for the dialogue in advance.

A very-happy-he-got-his-alma-mater's-department-to-move-into-the-current-
-- Bob Fulkerson


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