Screen Blanker; NO!!

Screen Blanker; NO!!

Post by Bill C. Rieme » Mon, 07 Feb 1994 03:10:14

   >      Hi, I'm having a problem that seems to be easy to fix, but I'm stumped.
   > My screen blanks out after ten minutes or so.  I assume this is some way to
   > 'save the screen' or whatever.  I *really* hate this.  I do not want my
   > screen to blank.  I would like to turn this 'feature' off.

   Try "setterm -blank 0". (It works for me).
   This is for the text consoles;  under X you have to type "xset s off".

While you can do this, it is strongly recommended against!!!  If you really have a
problem pressing the "shift" key to bring back your screen after you come back from
your break try setting this to a longer time period.  If you just turn it off you
run the risk of damaging your monitor if you need to leave and the same thing
is displayed for a long time...  (I like 25 minutes myself...)



Screen Blanker; NO!!

Post by Randolph G. Bro » Mon, 07 Feb 1994 07:02:00

> Try  xset s off (and man xset for more info)

> BTW: Does anyone know how to turn screenblank on during an xlock? xlock
>      seems to 'override' the screenblanking.

Yup, it turns it off.  To make it not do that do

xlock +enablesaver

(or maybe xlock -enablesaver? sigh.  try it.)



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I'm new at Linux, and I've noticed the screen saver
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George Toft


WARNING (learn from my co-worker):
 Win95+MSIE4.0+PirateWare = NetCop+Trashed Computer

 Using Win95 on your computer is like using a spoon
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