SCSI Problem with ISApport SCSI Card (NCR53c406a)

SCSI Problem with ISApport SCSI Card (NCR53c406a)

Post by Carl R. Forsyt » Sat, 18 Jun 1994 08:13:55

   I have an ISApport 16bit SCSI-II Compatible Card. It has the NCR
53c406a chip on it. I have read the SCSI How-to and tried the command
line switches from LILO to no avail, it refuses to recognize the card
and hence the 500Mb Drive that is connected.  Is there a driver available
for this chip? If not here's the second problem. I also have a future
domain TMC-950 available for use, but once again there are problems. The
problems I find with this is that fdisk refuses to recognize either the
Sysquest 44Mb or the 500Mb Drive and often give floating point errors.

Now for System Info
80486DX-33 w/16Mb Ram
Slackware 1.2.0



1. Installing Linux on a ISApport SCSI card

I recently downloaded Slackware Linux from and am
trying to install it. I tried both the scsi.gz and scsinet.gz boot
disks, but neither of them found my ISApport/20 SCSI card. It is on
IRQ 15. It is made by Acculogic, and I believe that it uses the NCR
53c406a. I need a boot disk that will detect my SCSI card, because my
SCSI hdd is the only one that has enough room for Linux. (IDE #1 has
6 megs free, IDE #2 has 1 or 2, SCSI has 501 megs free.) Is there any
way that I can either get a boot disk that works or modify the one I
Also, I have an unrelated question that is probably in some doc file
that I haven't taken the time to read yet (I just got Linux today).
Am I correct in assuming that once it is installed, I can boot it
from DOS by typing something like "boot f:"? (e: is the DOS partition
on my SCSI drive, so I assume that the Linux partition will be mapped
to f: even though DOS can't read it.)


E-Mail addresses are in order of preference (AOL most preferred).

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