Slackware 1.1.2 prob w/install, tin

Slackware 1.1.2 prob w/install, tin

Post by lil » Wed, 09 Mar 1994 08:21:30

I have had two problems so far with the new slackware.  First let me say, I
really love the new look!  color144 is lovely.  And things seemed to install
fairly well (after I fixed the first problem).  But I am still stuck with
the second, and wanted to mention both of them, as I hate to see anything
mar a really nice package! :)

I ftp'd everything directly from, after 28 February, so I
assume everything is current (that's the date on the ChangeLog).....

PROBLEM NUMBER ONE:  the install utilities seem to be confused as to where my
target hard disk is being installed.  I attempted to install onto my
/dev/hdb1.  My install-from directories were also on /dev/hdb1, which is an
ext2 type filesystem.  I told the install process *NOT* to make a new
filesystem.  I had placed my install-from directories under a directory off
the root which has an unusual name (and hence was unlikely to get wiped out
by the install).

The problem:  /dev/hdb1 was mounted under directory /var/adm/mount, but the
install process kept wanting to install to /mnt/*.  I went into the
scripts and changed all occurrences of /mnt to /var/adm/mount, and the
installation went fine.  But the problem's out there.

PROBLEM NUMBER TWO:  I use rtin to read my news, via NNTP.  It worked just
fine on slackware 1.1.1.  I set up the same user, with all the same config
files, on slackware 1.1.2.  As far as I can tell, the rtin is the same
release (though it seems to be a different compile, reasonably enough).

I can't read my newsgroups.  rtin reads the active news groups file from the
NNTP server, then tells me that my newsgroups aren't in
/usr/local/lib/news/active, which is a file *CNEWS* uses to keep a list of
the newsgroups it is receiving LOCALLY.

Anyway, NNTP access shouldn't involve that file, as far as I know.  I have
to assume that something has been changed in the configuration, since I
never had to fiddle with the file before.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.  Please direct replies to c.o.l.h, as
my mail address in the header is wrong.



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