su problems: libc or su?

su problems: libc or su?

Post by Byron Thomas Fab » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 14:06:09

>I know that people have been having problems with su. I got them myself
>(won't su) when I upgraded to libc.4.5.24. Is this a problem with su or libc?
>libc is the new addition to the system and I had no problems before, so I
>assume that this is wrong. As far as I can see, su is attempting to
>setgroups() but is denied. It shouldn't be, so the bug seems to be in libc:
>and so I'll stick with libc.4.5.19. If, however, this is known not to be the
>case, then I can upgrade to .4.5.24 and fix su myself.

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If your using alpha libc's, get libc 4.5.26.  It fixes the 'su' bug
that appeared somewhere in 4.24 or 4.25.

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