Linux & Windows using swap Part?

Linux & Windows using swap Part?

Post by Francisco A. Garc » Thu, 23 Feb 1995 11:58:54

While reading this newsgroup I encountered a message with the tittle
along the lines of using the Linux swap partition with Windows or
vice versa, now I hope this is true because I am tight for space on
the dos side of things. Windows and (PB Navigator for windows) take
about 70 megs off the drive!! (I dont like windows but I do like navigator)
Anyways as most of you know Windows creates a hidden file 386part (or is
that dos undoing?) which is on average 12 megs large!

I need windows to write decent papers for school (Yeah, Like there is a
text editor out there for linux.. but if you know of one =) so I sorta need
to keep it there.. but I mainly use dos for games =) (Don't we all?)
& need HD space (BTW dos part is 190 Megs.. I have 39 left.. Windows & its
culprits take about 90megs!)


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