VFAST modem opinions solicited

VFAST modem opinions solicited

Post by Terry Glie » Sun, 08 May 1994 23:35:48

I would like to build a Linux system (probably using Slackware 1.2.0) on
a portable to use at a conference.  I'd use the system to dial into a
remote system using SLIP and demonstrate some X-based tools.
Because the performance of X on SLIP isn't as good as I'd like,
I'm thinking of getting a couple of VFAST 28.8 modems and I'd
like some opinions if any of you have experience with anything like
this.  Specifically I'm looking for information on:

(1) Any 28.8 modems you'd recommend.  I know that at the moment
there's the chance of future incompatibility.  That may be worth it.
Anyone have experience with any of these?  I've seen references
to Supra, Zoom and Hayes modems.

(2) How fast does the Linux system have to be to service these?
33Mhz? Will slower work?

(3) Can I expect 16450 UARTs (is that the term?) to work? Do I
need 16550s?  I'm sure that 550s are better. Can 450s work OK?

(4) I've seen references to modems using the parallel port? Will
these work on Linux?  How do I configure these? Is this better
than a serial connection?

(5) Any opinons on the portable to use?

Thanks in advance for your responses!


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printf("Hello World\n");

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