XV does -weird- things

XV does -weird- things

Post by Bradford L. Barre » Fri, 24 Sep 1993 13:37:59

I was wondering if anyone out there has had problems with XV 3.00 under
Linux (or other u*ix).  I contacted John (Bradley) about the problem
and he was unaware of it and sugested it was a problem with the port of
Xfree86.  The problem manifests itself as an unstable color map, the
colors remain stable for a while (10 seconds or so) then start to change
causing 'patching' and color distortion.  Refreshing does nothing, but
changing the color type (ie. normal to perfect) re-paints correctly, and
then after a few seconds start changing again.  I can even go into
color edit and 'watch' the colors change while doing absolutely nothing!
System is 386/40, with a Trident 8900c (1Meg) card running 1024x768.



XV does -weird- things

Post by Wolfgang Thi » Sat, 25 Sep 1993 03:23:18

No weird things happening here! Is it your video card?


1. KDE2.0 - weird behaviour when viewing images with XV

Hello there,

maybe someone here can help: when running KDE 2.0 on my SLakcware 7.1
(current) Linux Box with a Matrox Millennium G400 32MB DH, I have
problems viewing images using xv. The problem is that at some point
while browsing through a bunch of images (with the next-button of
the xv control centre), the image suddenly isn't redrawn properly, i.e.
the old image remains and only if the new image is larger than the
previous one, the image window will resize and data from the new image
will appear around the border of the old image. In the case of smaller
images the image window will simply resize to the smaller version,
of course.

This happens only with KDE2.0, regardless of whether I use XFree
3.3.6 or Xfree 4.0.1 (I downgraded, thinking it had to do with X
Free 4.0.1).

It does not, however, happen with fwvm95 or other window managers.
It also does not happen when running KDE 1 (to which I then reverted)
I haven't tried Gnome. (This holds true regardless of the version
of XFree86 I'm using) So my conclusion is a problem with KDE2.0 and
qt 2.2.1.

Related to that could be the strange phenomenon that, when viewiing
the set of images with KDE 2.0 kview, the image window will slowly but
surely wander further and further up on the screen until I can't get
to it's menu bar anymore.

Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone know, how to change this to
the expected behaviour?


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