Linux FDisk Problem w/ ThinkPad 350

Linux FDisk Problem w/ ThinkPad 350

Post by Ned Bad » Thu, 19 May 1994 15:02:05

Subject: Linux Fdisk Problem w/ Thinkpad 350

Does anyone have any experience loading Linux onto a ThinkPad 350? I am
having a problem reformatting my hard disk using the Slackware FDISK
program and have not been able to find a solution in the slackware FAQs.

I am trying to install Linux on an IBM ThinkPad 350 with a 250 Mb hard
and 4 Mb RAM.  I did not get any drive info with the material that came
the computer so I called IBM to get the information.  They told me that
drive has 1426 cylinders, 6 heads and 43 sectors/track (specifically, they
said "43 inner diameter sectors for 167 outer diameter tracks").

I booted the TP with the slackware SCSINET Boot Disk, and then loaded the
TTY144 Root Disk.  After logging in as Root and starting FDISK, I executed
the 'p' command and got the following info (This is what the full screen

[After exectuting FDISK I got the following:]

The number of cylinders for this disk is set to 1426.
This is larger than 1024, and may cause problems with some software.
Using /dev/hda as default device

Command (m for help): p     [<<Then I issued the 'p' command]

Disk /dev/hda : 6 heads, 43 sectors, 1426 cylinders
Units = cylinders of 258 * 512 bytes

  Device    Boot   Begin   Start   End   Blocks   ID   System
/dev/hda1    *     1       1       1034  133348   6    DOS 16-bit >=32M

Partition 1 has different physical/logical beginnings (non-Linux?):
   phys=(0, 1, 1)  logical=(0, 0, 35)
Partition 1 has different physical/logical endings:
   phys=(522, 14, 34  logical=(1033, 5, 1)
Partition does not end on cylinder boundary:
   phys=(522, 14, 34)  should be (522, 5, 43)

**End of Screen**

I tried to go ahead and create a partition, but the Linux Fdisk program
could only find and use the logical partition endings, leaving me with
cylinders 1034-1426 to play with.  

What do you think I should do/can do safely to fix this?  Thanks a lot
your attention.

--Ned Bade

  Cornell International Institute for
  Food, Agriculture and Development
  Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853


1. ThinkPad 350 HDD problems

I've got a ThinkPad 350.  I've partitioned the drive for DOS
and made an extended partition for use with Linux.  I've got
the SLS 1.03 distribution of Linux on however many disks.  
I insert the A1 disk and reboot the machine.  When it comes
up, I type install and then fdisk at the prompt.  Fdisk can't
find the harddrive.  The error is something along the lines of:
error:  Linux can't find a harddrive.  
When things are starting up after booting, I also get a message
saying something about 0 scsi hosts.  I assume the HDD should be
one of those.  
I've tried hitting ctrl upon seeing LILO and setting parameters,
but that doesn't help.  I've tried the 1.01 version, but that
doesn't work either.
It's been suggested that I try rewriting the kernel, but I have
very little clue about how to do that, and I don't know which
files to play with.  
I can't tell you what kind of HD controller I have, other than IDE,
because IBM Tech Support has no info on it.  
If anyone can give me any ideas about what to next or suggestions
on how to get Linux up and running, I'd be very grateful.

Michael T. Ford

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