Seeking video card advice

Seeking video card advice

Post by Todd Whittak » Thu, 13 Oct 1994 23:05:37

Hello, I am looking for some advice about which video card to purchase (since my last
one, a Diamond Viper, was a real bummer under XFree).

Let's say I have $400-$600 to spend (at _cost_ since I work at a computer shop), and
would like to maintain DOS/Windows compatability as well as run Linux XFree.  I
can use ISA, PCI, or VLB video cards in my motherboard, and (currrently) have
a Sony MultiScan HG3401.

Any suggestions (along with rationale) could be mailed to me, and I will post a
summary for any others interested in this information.


Todd Whittaker


1. Seeking advice on video card upgrade


I'm presently running RedHat Linux 4.2 (kernel version 2.0.29)
and using XFree86 with a Diamond Stealth 64 DRAM (2MB, PCI), and
would like to upgrade to one of the newer, nicer cards.

Actually, I'd like to get one of the cards you can watch TV with
(someone please tell me I didn't misunderstand the concept --
with one of those cards like the ATI "All-in-wonder" I should be
able to watch TV on my PC monitor, yes?).

Anyway, to the point of my post:  There are dozens of nicer cards
out there than the one I have.  Could someone please make some
recommendations about which card I should get?  I understand I
should get at least a 4MB card, and someone said I should stay
away from DRAM because it's slower than other options (one strike
against the "All-In-Wonder").

Also, I'm considering also getting Accelerated-X from (Xi
Graphics, formerly Inside X, I believe).  This appears to support
many more cards than XFree86.  Is anyone here using it?  What do
you think of it?  And will the TV cards I'm looking at getting
work with it?  If so, which one would you recommend?

Please do me the favor of Cc:'g me a copy of any followups in the
interest of saving time (I'd really like to upgrade this ASAP).



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