Will Linux support the IDE/SCSI VLB combination card?

Will Linux support the IDE/SCSI VLB combination card?

Post by Divya A. Sundar » Thu, 23 Jun 1994 06:03:40

Hi all,

I am sure that this is a oft asked question here but:

        I wanted to get one of those combination IDE/SCSI VLB cards
        to allow me to use both my current 2 IDE HDs as well as being able
        to add a large SCSI HD, a Tape unit and a CDROM to the system.

        The thing is that I like to use this setup with LINUX and WindowsNT.
        Does anyone have any recommendations/advice on this?

        Also, I hear that Linux has problems using >16MB RAM ... is this

        Thanks in advance for your help.



1. VLB multi I/O card with (E)IDE/SCSI, seriel (16550A), parallel, game

Hello netters,

    Does any-one know of a VLB multi I/O card with :

    - (E)IDE for 4 HD
    - FD
    - SCSI controller
    - seriel ports with 16550A UARTS
    - bi-directionel parallel port
    - game port

    I would like to know if and where I can get something like this.
    I know of one but was told that it only ran at 33 MHz, and could
    be unstable. Oh, and I need it to be able to run with LINUX.

    Thanks in advance


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