Spea V7 Mirage P-64 PCI

Spea V7 Mirage P-64 PCI

Post by Harald Albrec » Fri, 13 Jan 1995 20:25:55

Hi netters!

Does anyone knows the video timings for the Spea V7 Mirage P-64?
I look for the following informations:
800x600 pixels, 72 Hz refresh, 50 MHz dot clock --> HSync start, end, HTotal,
VSync etc.
1024x768 pixels, 75 Hz, 80 MHz --> dto.

As tested the video card works fine with M$ Windoze but I can't get the higher
put to work. My video screen is of the type "can't find any hint about the
Does anyone has suitable video timings at hand. I've tried varies timings listed
in the
DATAFILES/MONITORS file of XFree 3.1.... but had no luck :-(

Please respond by email!


Harald Albrecht


1. Spea V7 Mirage P-64 (S3-864) and HS MS 1564LE Monitor

I need help to run X on my hardware under linux,

Some technical details for my hardware:

graphic card:

        Spea V7 Mirage P-64
        Processor: S3 Vision864   (64 bit processor)

        Clock: I assume it's programmable but nowhere in the manual
                of my graphic card I can find some technical facts for
                the clock


        Highscreen MS 1564 LE  15''
        Bandwith: 75MHz
        Horizontal Sync: 30-64 KHz
        Vertical Sync:   55-90 Hz

I already fetched and installed


from  ftp.cdrom.com. Before I only got "unknown chipset (chipd=0XC0)",
with the new S3 server X runs at least in a 640x480 resolution mode.
But I don't get X run in higher resolutions.

I set

Clocks  "icd2061a"

I'm not sure whether this is correct for my card, isn't it?

Furthermore does anybody know the magic numbers (ModeDB) I need
for /etc/Xconfig?

For any help I would be very grateful,

        Karl Prott

P.S.: If I get running it I will post the results.


email address:                    | Karl Prott

                                  | Fachbereich 17-Mathematik/Informatik
phone: xx-49-5251-602652          | Warburger Str. 100
fax  : xx-49-5251-603853          | D-33098 Paderborn, Germany

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