ftape+colorado=crc errors

ftape+colorado=crc errors

Post by Andrew Robins » Fri, 17 Jun 1994 08:22:08

I having trouble with a new tape drive that I just purchased and installed a
few days ago.  Writing to tape works fine, but when reading from the tape, I
get a massive number of crc errors (around 15 in a 1.5 Meg file).  Most of
the errors are reported as 'single errors', which are corrected using ecc.
Using the tape drive under dos gives no errors at all.  I'm using ftape-1.12c
and Linux kernel 1.1.19.  I also tried kernel 1.0.9, but had the same problem.
I also tried increasing the number of ftape buffers, but that didn't solve
the problem either.  Also, the errors do no always occur at the same point in
the file, if I try to read the tape multiple times.  Any suggestions?

Andrew Robinson


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I keep getting crc errors in segments 0 through 7 and then the backup
aborts...is anyone having these problems?  I have a Colorado Jumbo 250
on a Promise VL-4030 VLB caching IDE controller and a freshly formatted
tape (just did one) and I keep getting these errors.  I am using
tar -cvf /dev/ftape * to backup the drive...am I doing anything wrong?
Any help would be appreciated.



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