Newbie needs help installing Red Hat 7.0

Newbie needs help installing Red Hat 7.0

Post by diverseimagin » Mon, 07 May 2001 14:12:29

I had an old computer lying around-- an IBM Valuepoint 486 w/ 8 meg ram,
about a 700 meg hd. Installed a cd rom and thought I would give the Linux
discs I had lying around a try. From what I understood, though it wouldn't
be a mean machine, I thought  this configuration would allow me to at least
sample Linux.

Wiped Windows 3.1 off, tried booting from the Linux boot disk. It proceeds
for a while, says it is:

"Running Anaconda .... this may take a while",
"Install exited abnormally- received signal 9"
"Sending termination signals ..... done"
"Disabling swap"
"Unmounting filesystems
/mnt/source unmount failed (16)
"You may safely reboot your system"

And that's it. What am I doing wrong? I've read faqs til my eyes bled, read
through _Teach Yourself Linux_, and I still have no idea what the problem is

TIA, I know this is a pain in the ass ........


Newbie needs help installing Red Hat 7.0

Post by SFTP » Thu, 10 May 2001 01:42:48

I am new to linux and also had an episode of this type ... I got a little
farther than that but i am almost certain it is a memory issue.

You need a minimum od 16megs RAM.