Boot image on floppy, root on hard drive

Boot image on floppy, root on hard drive

Post by Kent Schneide » Thu, 09 Feb 1995 07:02:24

I have linux running on a 486 with a token ring card and modem.  To
get the token ring card recognized, I must boot from a floppy
containing the boot image set up for token ring.  At the boot prompt,
I must enter "mount root=/dev/hdb1" to get support for the rest of
the hardware.

I have tried to patch my kernal with a file called
TokenRing.patch-1.1.64.gz, but it failed.  Is there some way to take
what is on the floppy and move it to the hard drive so that I can
go back to using LILO and still have access to the net?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!



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I'm installing the new InfoMagic Linux 1.2.1 on a WD 1.28GB drive.

After installing, LILO always hangs when loading the network protocals at the CSLIP

A previous LILO message has this warning:

No BIOS32 extensions present.  This release still depends on it.  Sorry.

I can boot from a floppy and mount the install partition and even access the CDROM drive
and the other two DOS partitions.

I'm guessing that new big hard drive is the problem.  I know with some versions of
Linux, the boot partition must be in the first 1024 cylinders.  I'm guessing that's my

However, what's the fix, and what are the BIOS32 extensions?


Jim Harris

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