XFree86 and xlock

XFree86 and xlock

Post by Michael Coff » Fri, 05 Nov 1993 03:07:39

I successfully installed Xfree86 on my system.  Everything seems to
work fine.  However, the old xlock program, which I've been using as a
screen saver, runs VERY slowly under the new server.  Not that it puts
a load on the machine, but the pictures change VERY slowly compared to
the way they act under the old server.  Any idea what could cause



1. xlock patch for RS/6000 (Was: Re: xlock compilation)

cleaned up my patch to xlock-2.3 for the IBM RS/6000, and placed it on
export.lcs.mit.edu as contrib/xlock-2.3-rs6000.patch.

  The environment I have is:

  IBM RS/6000 550, AIX 3.1.6, bsdcc (as defined by /usr/lpp/bos/bsdport),

  The port depends on "AIXV3" being defined.

  Hope it helps :)


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