Newbie Slackware Installer Needs Help

Newbie Slackware Installer Needs Help

Post by Jason Kolosei » Fri, 17 Feb 1995 23:58:05

I recently purchaced Slackware Professional 2.1 from Morse Telecommunications.
I have a 486DX/33 with the following hardware:
    - DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1
    - ISA bus
    - 8Mb of memory
    - ATI VGA Wonder XL (28800-6 chipset)
        - build in bus mouse
    - SoundBlaster Pro w/Panasonic CD-ROM

Last night I cleared up 200 Mb of space and tried to install Linux -(11:00pm)
 - I made the boot and root floppies based on sbpcd and color144
 - Reboot the computer using the new boot floppy
 - Added 3 new primary partitions:
        - 135Mb for the root partition
        - 16Mb swap partition
        - 50Mb users partition
 - ran setup
 - created the appropiate Linux file systems
 - specified dos partition I wanted access to
 - Install a semi-complete version of Linux (kernel 1.1.59)
   with many links for /usr files pointing to the cdrom
 - created a boot disk
 - installed LILO with options for Linux and DOS
 - configured the mouse
 - rebooted the computer -(2:45am)
    - all the harddrive partitions were mounted (Linux and DOS)
    - logged in as root.
    - found out the CD-ROM didn't mount(I cant remember the errors sorry
      (the number 1900 comes to mind))
    - could do anything useful because much of the system is linked to
      the CD-ROM (vi, vim, gcc, etc.)

Questions and Assumptions(yeah I know what it stands for):
  - I'm assuming that the default kernel doesn't support the CD-ROM even
    though the initial boot floppy did.
  - What do I do?
  - Do I modify the kernel source and recompile?
    - I can't change and recompile the kernal without vi and gcc(catch 22)

  - Help Please. Did I*up, miss something in the 600+ page manual?

Thank you

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